Your Guts Could Hold The Answer To Your Struggles With Weight Loss. Here’s Why

People say that losing weight is simple. It's just a matter of calories in and calories out, they'll say! Use more energy than you take in, and you should be watching the pounds melt away. Of course, we all know that's not always how it works. Now, Danish researchers may have discovered one culprit in preventing weight loss: poop.

It's In Your Belly

A study in the International Journal of Obesity found that the bacterial mix in a person's gut can have a significant impact on their ability to successfully lose weight. Researchers took a look at the digestive bacteria in 62 participants and then set them on either a high-fiber diet or an average calorie-counting regimen.

Participants with a high ratio of the bacteria Prevotella to the bacteria Bacteroides lost on average seven pounds more high-fiber diet. Among those with a low ratio of the two bacteria, choice of diet made no difference.

In other words: the reason you're not losing weight might be the stuff that's hanging around deep inside of your intestines. A better understanding of your natural biochemistry will benefit you when it comes to finding a way to shed those pounds.

Only those with balanced bacteria in their gut will benefit from the standard recommendations of increasing fruit, vegetables, fibers, and grains. For those with more complicated intestines, a different strategy might be best.

What's The Method?

Unfortunately, gut bacteria tests aren't easy to come by, but the knowledge that all digestion systems are different might encourage you to try new dietary strategies. Probiotic yogurts and high-fiber cereals could help regulate things and set your body back on course.

The best way to figure out for sure what's going on with your diet is to see a nutritionist and submit a stool sample.

The proof, as they say, is in the pooping! 💩