You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure With A Simple Breathing Technique

Stress is the unavoidable monster that follows us around from day-to-day, and for millions of Americans, the solution lies in medication, therapy, or vacations. All are costly solutions and have varying degrees of effectiveness.

Not only is stress unpleasant, but it also directly correlates to higher blood pressure, an issue that can eventually lead to life-threating heart events.

The Secret To Lowering Blood Pressure

s spending substantial money the only way to lower stress levels and therefore decrease blood pressure? Cardiologist John Kennedy says no, and he claims to have created the solution with his "15 Minute Heart Cure." This method consists of a set of breathing techniques that can be performed absolutely anywhere at any time, and no drugs, surgery, or lengthy therapy sessions are required.

"You can teach your body how to slow down, how to be present, how to relax," says Dr. Kennedy, "And what this does is it helps you concentrate and protect your heart all at the same time."

Dr. Kennedy believes that through brain power and breathing techniques alone, people are capable of reducing their blood pressure.

Used By Some Of The Biggest Names In The World

The "fight or flight" mechanism is a natural response for many people, but Dr. Kennedy's techniques are designed to help counter that response with emphasis on positive thinking and focused breathing which effectively slows the heart rate. Dr. Kennedy believes that these techniques are not only effective for everyday stresses, but also for huge life events.

"It's how Sully landed that plane on the Hudson," claims Kennedy. "How Kobe Bryant hits the final shot with no time left."

Does It Actually Work?

Of course, some kind of proof is required to validate such claims, and Kennedy says his claims are supported because his patients are responding well to his treatments. His patients agree!

"My blood pressure is stable," says Sandra Butler, a woman working with Dr. Kennedy and utilizing his techniques. "It used to hover at 170 over 90. Now it's pretty stable at 120 over 80."

You can learn more about Dr. Kennedy's incredible breathing techniques in his book, The 15-Minute Heart Cure: The Natural Way to Release Stress and Heal Your Heart In Just Minutes A Day.