Lower Your Cholesterol With These Savory Sandwich Options!

High cholesterol leads to significant heart problems over time. When your blood is filled with too much cholesterol it begins to clog your arteries, and this leads to the heart not getting necessary oxygen and blood flow. Lowering your cholesterol and preventing heart disease and a possible heart attack means you should rethink your diet, and this involves cutting back on salt, saturated fats, and sugar.

Changing your dietary choices doesn't mean you have to skimp on flavor, and a lunchtime sandwich is still doable—you just have to choose the options that are lean and filling to help you fight cholesterol! Here's how.

Go For The Grains When It Comes To Bread

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Making the simple transition from white bread to whole grain can make a world of difference for your heart health. Whole grain bread contains a good portion of dietary fiber, which can help you keep your LDL levels under control. Check the packaging to make sure there isn't a ton of refined sugar, too—another ingredient you want to avoid at all costs.

Grab two slices of whole wheat to put together a hearty sandwich without sabotaging your heart health.

Be Generous With Your Fruit And Vegetable Toppings

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Always add a handful of veggies to your sandwich for some serious flavor and texture. Vegetables contain helpful chemicals called phytosterols that fight to lower your LDL cholesterol.

Add some avocado, spinach, or sprouts to really change the flavor of your traditional lunch! Sprinkle on a few pieces of fruit to totally transform the taste of your sandwich and give it a bit of sweetness.

Reach For The Lean Protein

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Traditional deli meats are full of saturated fats, which should be avoided when it comes to improving your heart health. Using a leaner cut of meat during lunchtime will cut down on the amount of fat you consume and still leave you full and satisfied.

Try topping your sandwich with some fish such as salmon or tuna. These fan favorites are filled with omega-3 fats that contribute to overall heart health.

Choose wisely when it comes to condiments. Add some vinegar or olive oil to avoid consuming excess saturated fat and sugar. A heart healthy spread can really be the finishing touch on your lunch!